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cry for help

December 31, 2012

I was intending to read Mark 6:45-56 this morning but was stopped short on verse 48. What I saw caused me to go to  different versions ( to see if there was a different translation of it. I found two that varied from the rest, yet it still had me wondering. Please feel free to leave me feedback (it will not be posted for all to see).

Jesus and His disciples had to have been exhausted. They had just returned from their new spiritual adventure of being sent out in pairs to minister to people and were filling Jesus in on all that had happened. Knowing they needed to eat and rest, Jesus got them on a boat to take them to a remote place. The groupies and paparazzi of the day closely watched where their boat was headed and met them there when they landed. Instead of being annoyed with them, Jesus saw they were like sheep without a shepherd, so He began to teach them. They must have been there for quite a while because the disciples interrupted Jesus and said they should be dismissed so they could return home and get something to eat. Instead, Jesus fed them all with just five loaves of bread and two fish (5,000 men were there plus women and children – see Today’s New International Version). After the disciples gathered twelve baskets of leftovers!

Jesus insisted His men get back in the boat and go ahead to their next stop. He went by Himself to a mountain to talk to His Father. From where He was He could see the disciples struggling because of the storm that had come up. The last part of Mark 6:48 says, “At about four o’clock in the morning, Jesus came toward them, walking on the sea. He intended to go right by them.” (The Message). I came to a dead stop. I know I’ve read this before, but it had been so long I couldn’t recall what I had found. So I began to look it up in other versions. Nine other versions said essentially the same thing. My study helps didn’t produce any answers. Three versions stood out to me and made me think.

The Phillips Translation says. “…”He went toward them, walking on the waters of the lake, intending to come alongside them.” Whew! That was a relief to see that. I couldn’t imagine Jesus abandoning His men when they were needing Him. I can handle Jesus coming along with me.

Also the same message comes from the Complete Jewish Bible: “He meant to come alongside them.”

The Amplified Bible surprised me when I read, “And He acted as if He meant to pass by them.” Why would Jesus want to pass by the boat when they were having a hard time? Was it so they could see they were not alone and to give them a visual reminder that they could cry out to Him for help?

I’ve just begun to come out of an extremely difficult time where I have been pounded by one major issue piled on top of another. I admit to you that I did not cry out to my precious God each time, but did my best to keep rowing my boat in my own strength. When I became overwhelmed and began to feel numb from exhaustion I began to text some praying friends as a cry for prayer and emotional support. The only way I could explain what I was feeling was that I had been attacked, stabbed multiple times, beaten, and left on the side of the road for dead. Literally minutes after I had sent some of the text messages I began to feel strength come into me. It was such a foreign sensation I stopped to figure out what was going on. It only took a moment to realize God was already answering the prayers that were going up for me. To be honest, I’m not fully recovered, but since then I’ve been able to metaphorically sit up gradually, slowly get to my knees, stand, and take a few small, slow steps. Yes, emotional support helps you crawl up from the ditch so you can sit by the road. Prayer support gets your Creator on the scene. That’s when the supernatural strength of the Holy Spirit gets under your arms, lifts you up, helps you stand, then begin to walk again. Somewhere in those different stages I found the strength to again cry out for help myself to the only One Who could truly assist me. Please learn from my imperfections and cry out to the Father for help on a regular basis.


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