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focus and reflect

January 18, 2013

A mirror reflects whatever is facing it.  We reflect where we are looking as well.  Peter is a primary example of that.  Matthew 19:14-33 tells the full story.  Verse 29 tells us that Peter was walking on the water toward Jesus.  The next verse reminds me of myself: “But when he looked down at the waves churning beneath his feet, he lost his nerve and started to sink,” (The Message).  He stopped looking at Jesus. Period. God has been putting that before me for days now.  I get focused on my circumstances and off my Solution.  Every time I begin to sink.  When I look to , the One bigger than any problem I could ever have, I have peace.  If I keep my focus on Him, He gives me direction on how to move.  Each time I take my eyes away from my Father, I immediately begin to struggle, flounder, arms and legs wildly swinging in the air as I fall backward, and sink.  Each time He saves me from drowning because I eventually cry out to Him.  Just as Jesus rescued Peter (verse 31) He saves me from my raging storm. “(Peter) cried, ‘Master, save me!’  Jesus didn’t hesitate.  He reached down and grabbed his hand….The two of them climbed into the boat, and the wind died down,” (Mt. 14:30c-31, The Message).  I don’t know of a more clear picture of what takes place.

Another aspect of looking to the One in charge of it all is that at that moment we are graced with faith, His faith.  As we take our eyes off The Answer it’s as if the faith disappears.  Don’t worry, it’s not gone because it’s His faith that He gave us in the first place.  We need to lock our eyes on His.  We will discover that faith never evaporated at all.  In fact, we’ll then have the upper hand in the situation, literally, because the Upper Hand is His, lifting us up.  Then we can see success –  God’s, not ours.  Yet verse 30 (see bold italics above) shows that not looking to Jesus equals failure.  Permanent failure is our choice because we’re looking in the wrong place.

I can imagine that as Peter walked on the water his face was full of awe.  He may have even laughed or yelled in amazement.  Yet I can see how drastically his countenance must have changed as he heard the wind roar and felt the big waves crash against him.  More than likely fear, horror, or even terror may have been seen on Peter’s face.

My heart’s desire is that no matter who I’m around I long to reflect my Father to everyone around me.  Where I’m looking at any given moment is clearly seen on my face.

Right now I have several storms in my life that are threaten to distract my focus.  I am not doing a consistent job of putting my focus on my Creator, the One bigger than anything I will ever face.  I want to be clear about that so you don’t get the idea you’re reading the blog of a perfect person. Each blog I post is simply written in obedience to what the Lord puts on my heart to write.  In fact, I’m not even sure if anyone reads what I post, but I do it because He instructs me to. Since you’re also human, I’m sure you also have issues in your life.  If you don’t right now, wait.  Something will eventually happen.  That’s just life.  You can’t have a world full of imperfect people without someone relationally bumping into you, causing you grief of some sort.  I want you to know I pray for you.  I’m praying you will choose to look to the Master in charge of the storm instead of the loud, raucous wind and waves that smack against  your face.  Will you please pray for me that I will put my eyes on the Father, as well?  As we focus, we’ll not only walk in peace, we’ll also reflect Him.  God, please grace us with your strength to lock eyes with You.


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