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February 7, 2013

I’ve often been fascinated by the story of Jesus healing the blind man in Mark 8:22-26. If you’ve read any of my other blogs you know that I love The Message. If you don’t have it on hand you may go to There are certain tidbits that Eugene Peterson has put in that make this section of verses very fresh and in our language. After Jesus has a “sightless man” brought to Him, He puts spit on the man’s eyes, lays His hands on the man and asks if he sees anything. The man says he sees people like trees walking. Jesus again lays His hands on the man’s eyes and he had perfect eyesight. As I have read this in several versions and read from several study Bibles I gleaned two rich insights to this story.

1) Sometimes God chooses to heal us gradually. That’s okay; it’s still healing.

2) We might be able to see some things but not yet as we should. It takes God’s intervention to cause us to see clearly. My prayer has been that where I only see partially He would cause me to see as He sees, with perfect vision. In the areas where I am totally sightless I have asked for His healing so I will have 20/20 vision. I’ve prayed the same for each person who will read this as well.


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