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act or adore

February 27, 2013

In Mark 9:2-4 Jesus is literally transformed before the eyes of Peter, James and John. Then Moses and Elijah were seen talking to Jesus. It must have been both surreal and heaven-like. Peter pipes up and volunteers to build three memorials. “Peter wanted to act, but this was a time for worship and adoration,” (Life Application Study Bible footnote for Matthew 17:4).

With my background of sexual abuse sometimes I am afraid of getting close to people. I recognize that trait in others since I am so familiar with it myself. Just in my own unprofessional observations throughout my life I’ve seen it both in the church and in those who’ve never attended. I don’t ever intend for this blog to be a finger-pointing session, but one for introspection. Yet I must state that I see this lack or fear of intimacy as the source for where religion itself came from. We have lacked that relational connection and so we substitute activity. So just as I have asked my Father where I stand in comparison to Peter and will continue to ask Him to open my eyes to that, I also ask you the same. Are we like Peter and prefer to act when it’s really the time to worship and adore our Creator, Messiah, and the reigning King over it all?


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