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March 22, 2013

This whole journey of studying Elijah came from reading Mark 9 where Jesus was transformed, then Moses and Elijah appeared and talked to Jesus about his upcoming death in Jerusalem.   After reading a small portion of verses, some study Bible footnotes, and excerpts from two study book on Moses, it’s Elijah’s turn now.

The Life Application Study Bible paints a clear picture of the setting.  Israel and Judah were now divided kingdoms.  Israel didn’t have a single good king; each one led their subjects to serve pagan gods.  Most of God’s priests from the tribe of Levi had moved to Judah.  (Even with my hatred of moving I think I would have joined them.)  The few Levites left were as bad as the priests that the Israelite kings appointed.  Void of good leadership for the nation via kings and priests, God used prophets to try to steer the people in the right direction for the next 300 years.  There were times God sent His prophets to comfort the Israelites.  Not Elijah.  He was sent to confront.  Not exactly Dale Carnegie stuff here (win friends and influence people).

Another piece this study Bible points out is Elijah chose to work alone.  God said there were still 7,000 faithful to Him.  I’m a people person; I think I would have asked God to connect me with them so I could have encouragement.  It shows a flaw in this spokesperson God called.  I’ve heard it pointed out that quite often God uses dysfunctional people as leaders.  That helps me take Elijah off the pedestal I’ve put him on all these years.  It also reminds me to take down the people I’ve put up on a higher plateau than I’m on.  Elijah had faults, leaders have flaws, and I most certainly do.

The bottom line to all this is that despite our warped perspective and unique personality issues, God can still use us.  In fact, He wants to.  You see, He has a message to get out just like He did throughout 300 years of prophets.  Your listeners may not be an entire nation.  It might be one person.  That’s okay.  Be obedient to what He moves you to do.  Just remember, you’re not in charge of the results; He is.  Your only job is to lean, listen, and obey.  Period. (See my blog: 3 rings 3reminders.)


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