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a lying spirit

April 13, 2013

In my continuing study on Elijah I’ve been reading on Old Testament prophets. Today while reading a short section on false prophets the phrase jumped out at me “…a lying spirit was in their mouths”. “Lying spirit” jumped off the page at me. Then I ran across a footnote that has a very heavy message. (Read 1 Kings 22:1-38 for the full story behind it.) Sometimes the lying spirit is actually sent by God to condemn those with hardened hearts because they refuse to hear or believe the truth, He literally gives them over to the lies they adhere to. This is their judgment because of their choice. It happened then. It’s no different now.

Who are you listening to? What do you follow?  Do you cling tightly to something you heard at church or from a preacher on TV?   Every counterfeit is measured by the real thing. Real truth is in the living, active Word of God, also known as the Bible. Take what you believe to be true and lay it up against what God says. How does it compare? Think twice before you answer. Your very future is at stake.

God is not messing around. Are you?


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