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April 16, 2013

Every story of Elijah in the Bible puts me in a state of awe. I am challenged by his deep level of rock solid belief in God and obedience to the unique instructions he was given.

For a long time I’ve been camped out on I Kings 17:1. I’m astounded at the boldness and courage it took to carry out this word from the Lord. We have no background to this story. We don’t know if Elijah argued with his Maker like Moses did when called to confront the powerful Pharoah. We don’t know how the message was delivered to Elijah. We only know it’s too incredible for it to have been his own personal agenda he delivered that day. He clearly was called by the Father to clearly present the truth to King Ahab. I don’t know where your track record is, but I have never been one to confront another person with ease. Instead, I’ve been a people-pleaser throughout my life. My level of boldness is sometimes not even on the chart when I refuse to open my mouth and stand up for my God. Yet Elijah did so with a strong spine and squared shoulders. Read verses 1-6.

In the Full Life Study Bible, the entire footnote from I Kings 17:4 is rich and deep. “God sustained Elijah at the Kerith Ravine because he had stood with God against the people’s apostasy (v v. 3-7; cf. Ps 25:10). As Elijah had borne God’s burden, the Lord would now bear his burden (cf. Ps 68:19-20).”


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