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April 28, 2013

Ahab, King of Israel, had an interesting upbringing.   His father’s name name was Omri.  I Kings 16:25-26 tells us, “But Omri did what the Lord said was wrong; he did more evil than all the kings who came before him.  Jeroboam (an earlier king) …had led the people of Israel to sin, and Omri sinned in the same way as Jeroboam.  The Israelites made the Lord, the God of Israel, very angry because they worshiped worthless idols.” *(italics addition was mine).  Ahab did not have a good role model, to say the least.  Then in the same chapter, portions of verses 30-33 say, “More than any king before him, Ahab son of Omri did many things the Lord said were wrong….he did even worse things….He did more things to make the Lord, the God of Israel, angry than all the other kings before him.”*

Elijah was quite the contrast of Ahab.  He boldly approached Ahab, the man who only had to give an order and Elijah would be killed.  He not only approached him seemingly unafraid, he verbally confronted this evil leader because his God, the true Lord of Israel, had given him a message.

We all have a fork in the road that is actually presented to us each day, all day long.  We choose which way we’re going to go.  Each decision we make is actually taking us one way or the other.  I have to ask myself these hard questions I post for you, as well.  So, which man do you want to be like?  Elijah?  Ahab?  Are you going down the path  Ahab walked or the road Elijah chose?

(See the tags for this post to help you in your decision.)

*New Century Version


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