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hard times

April 29, 2013

Hard times. We all have them eventually. What do they mean? Is it because we’re disobedient? Is it due to some sin we’ve committed? It can be. Hard times also fall on us when we’re in the very center of following God’s direction for us.

Look at I Kings 17. In verse 2 God is giving Elijah specific direction to hide following his obedient confrontation of King Ahab. His trouble was not caused by anything wrong that he’d done. It was due to a man’s reaction to the truth that God had Elijah present to King Ahab. It certainly was not a plush setting to camp by a stream and be fed by unclean birds.

Verse 6 tells us that the provision of water dries up due to the drought. The lack of water in the brook did not come about because Elijah was sinful. It was a direct result of the drought.

I Kings 17:7-16 tells God’s next step of provision for Elijah’s needs: a starving widow in the very center of Baal-worshiping country. God sent Elijah to a widow and her son that were about to eat their last meal, then die of starvation. Was this single mom’s hard times a result of something she or her son had done wrong? It doesn’t seem to be when you read these verses. Again, it appears to simply be due to the drought God had spoken would take place through Elijah.

Because you’re in hard times does not mean that you’re in the perfect will of God, so don’t take this post incorrectly. What the Father wants to get across is that obedience to Him might be accompanied by hard times. So your tough circumstances do not mean that God is mad at you or bringing punishment on you and your family. As you cry out to Him for help, watch and see how He will provide for you and eventually deliver you from these hard times.

(Source: Full Life Study Bible, footnote I Kings 17:7, page 492.)

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