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May 30, 2013

I awoke this morning from a haunting, very real dream. On my last day of my senior year of school an unexpected final in one class was a series of things to write down from memory. One portion was to either make a list of or quote some of your favorite Old Testament verses with the chapter and verse they come from. I had just as much time as everybody else in the class. Some wrote frantically while I stressed my brain to come up with about ten. To clarify, that was a list of ten, not ten verses word for word along with their reference. The last part was to quote as much as possible from Psalm 91. Even to paraphrase it in our own words was acceptable. I couldn’t even get the first line written.

From as far back as I can remember I’ve heard it said that if our Bibles were ever taken away from us how much Scripture would we be able to quote from memory? Even as I dreamed my read brain was struggling to come up with any. (How many could you come up with?)

Before I turned in my test at the end of the class period I wrote a note to the teacher that this was the most beneficial test I’d had in my 12 years of school. I knew in my dream that it would not only be something I never would forget, but it also would shape my future. I left that room knowing that I would somehow work to memorize.

As I sit here now three hours later I wonder how I will accomplish this, as memorizing has been one of my biggest obstacles. My coping mechanism throughout my life of abuse and dysfunction has been to forget. If anyone has any ideas to help me, please let me know. Thank you. I truly do want to hide His Word in my heart because of the treasure that it is (Psalm 119:11).


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