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June 21, 2013

For several blog posts now we’ve looked at the story of Elijah and the widow and her son that he was staying with. In I Kings 17:17-24 the son died. Elijah took the boy’s body up to the room where he had been staying and prayed for him. Here are verses 22-24.

22 The Lord ·answered [heard] Elijah’s ·prayer [cry;  voice]; the ·boy began breathing again [boy’s life/breath/soul returned to him] and ·was alive [revived]. 23 Elijah carried the boy downstairs and gave him to his mother and said, “See! Your son is alive!”

24 “Now I know you really are a man from God,” the woman said to Elijah. “I know that the ·Lord truly speaks through you [ word of the Lord in your mouth is true]!” *

Have you ever watched someone to see if you could figure them out? Maybe you wanted to see what their motive was or if they were genuine? When I read these verses this morning I wonder if that’s where the widow was prior to her son being brought back to life. Maybe she had been watching the supply of flour and oil never run out and wondered if Elijah was a magician. (See I Kings 17:7-16.) Perhaps she heard Elijah cry out to God as he prayed for her son to be brought back to life. When she saw her son dead in her arms, then alive again, it was the proof she needed that Elijah was truly a man from the Lord Himself.

Is there someone that you’re observing? Do their words match their actions? Do they point you to the Father?

There might be people watching your life. What do they see?


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