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change is coming

June 23, 2013

I read 1 Kings 18 today.  There is so much in that chapter!  When I asked Daddy what I was to get out of that chapter for today, He clearly showed me one thing.  Chapter 18:1 says the drought was in its third year.  That translates into a lot of suffering for everyone.  In verse 5 King Ahab tells Obadiah to begin to search the land for places they can move the King’s animals so they won’t have to kill any.  Even the King is beginning to suffer!  Yet in the midst of the same old story of no rain and no crops, God had been at work.  Even though the scenario had grown worse as time went on, God had been  moving in the hearts of the people.  Verses 5-17 tell what took place to get Elijah and Ahab together for the first time since Elijah had boldly declared a drought (see my post ” Courage!”).  Very quickly things began to change.  We don’t know how much time elapsed between verses 18-20, but what took place in verses 21-40 is incredibly dramatic.  God shows everyone that not only is He alive, but also that He is a God of power that cannot be equaled.  This must have even rattled King Ahab, as verses 41 and the first part of 42 tell how he obeyed Elijah!  Remember, this is the King who had pursued Elijah all the years God had him hidden right in the heart of Baal country (see 1 Kings 18:7-11), yet Ahab now knows Who is truly in charge: God Himself, and the King listened to Elijah!  Then in verses 42-46 we see  how Ahab again obeyed what Elijah told him to do!

(Please keep in mind that I need this, too.  I’m still going through a hard time.)   God can turn things around in an instant.  Let Him move under the surface where we don’t see Him at work.  Don’t fret.  Don’t try to change things for Him.  Allow Him to be in charge.  Sit back and watch while you talk to Him.  Thank Him for what He’s doing behind the scenes that you don’t see.  He will show up.  He will change things.  But it will be in His time.  Change will come when He is ready.



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