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July 1, 2013

In I Kings 18:30-33 the repair of the altar of the Lord could not begin until the the focus was taken off Baal (see verses 25-29). No restoration could take place until the frenzy, yelling, cutting, dancing, and desperate imploring of a false god had ceased. No repair could start until the Presence of the God Who Heals was invited into the situation.

My hurts cannot be fixed until the frenzy of my emotions is hushed in the Presence of the God of Peace. My life cannot begin to be put in a peaceful order until I choose to stop my frantic thoughts and look to the One Who already has the solution. Being hurt is not always something we can avoid. To remain hurt is a choice. Experiencing trauma is not an experience any of us sign up for. To remain in a frantic state of worry is something we choose to do. The path to repair is to listen to the Father as He says, “Come near to Me.” Hear the hush. Experience His Peace. Pour out your heart to Him and tell Him all about it as though He didn’t know what was going on. Release each situation to Him like a helium balloon and watch it soar. If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably need to release that same situation or person over and over and over and over. That’s okay. Remember Who your trust is in. That light feeling that comes when those heavy weights are released to Him will become something you long for. You will find yourself immediately releasing those heavy issues to Him so you can once again walk in His peaceful rest.

After each release read the Bible. It might be only one verse. That’s okay. Repeat it out loud. Write it on a piece of paper so you can take it out and read it again throughout the day. That way you’ll be feeding on His truth, not on worry. Your mind, will, and emotions will be nourished. As time goes on and you continue in this you’ll literally feel that you’ve grown stronger. That’s when you know He is repairing you on the inside.

You may need to regularly go to counseling to help sort through the tangled mess you may have in your life. I cannot stress strongly enough THAT IS OKAY! 🙂 That joined with crying out to the Lord, telling Him all that is on your heart and reading the Bible daily will produce His repair in your life.

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