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July 7, 2013

I read 1 Kings 18:1 in 42 versions on and NONE of them have a promise from the Lord that Ahab would not kill Elijah.  Here is verse one and the first part of verse 2 from the New International Reader’s Version.  “It was now three years since it had rained. A message came to Elijah from the Lord. He said, ‘Go. Speak to Ahab. Then I will send rain on the land.’ So Elijah went to speak to Ahab.”

Was Elijah afraid to go speak to Ahab? Read my posts “Courage!” and “Courage! Part 2” to see a picture of the courage Elijah had already demonstrated.  Since there are all sorts of details in 1 Kings 17 and 18 that are not told, we are only able to wonder.  Apparently those details might have overshadowed or clouded the incredible miracles that God did want us to know and focus on.

Another question from a different angle: Did Elijah spend more time listening to God for direction regarding this upcoming meeting than he did worrying?  Did God give the plan ahead of time or right before each event took place?  We’re not told that either. 

Maybe I’m not looking at the scenario as it really was, but I see Elijah as a man who had full confidence in God’s love and care for him to be focused on his physical safety.  Instead I think Elijah saw the greater purpose the Lord had, to draw the nation of Israel back to Him.  If King Ahab had killed Elijah out in the middle of nowhere, this ultimate purpose would not have been accomplished.  Perhaps Elijah saw that logic.  Before we put this powerful prophet on a pedestal, please know that he very definitely showed his humanity in chapter 19.  Getting back to the original thought, I believe that as God began to unveil His plan one step at a time Elijah saw clearly that the ultimate plan involved him,  which I think would have put him at ease. 

I don’t know about you, but this sure is a lesson for me to stop worrying about myself and instead ask God for direction regarding His ultimate plan.  If I would then listen for His direction and follow my part in it, the outcome would be very different!    

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