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kill the lie

July 14, 2013

Each time I read I Kings 18:6-39 I am so engrossed in this incredible story that I forget what’s coming in verse 40. When I come to verse 40 I get reader’s whiplash: “Then Elijah said to them, ‘Take hold of the men who speak for Baal. Do not let one of them get away.’ So they took hold of them. And Elijah brought them down to the river Kishon, and killed them there.”

Throughout the history of the nation of Israel God told them to kill the people around them that worshiped idols.  He instructed them to do something that seems so drastic to us, but He had a reason.  It’s not because He’s a violent God.  It’s because He didn’t want Israel to begin to believe the lies about the false gods.  Yet when they refused to listen it wasn’t long and they joined their new friends in the worship of these blocks of wood and hewn stone.  Something drastic had to happen before Israel could hear what He had to say.  The lies had to be silenced.  So God answered Elijah’s prayer by sending down fire and consuming the wet altar, stones, and even the dirt.  The people clearly saw the truth with their own eyes. 

What does all this have to do with the 21st Century?  Ask yourself:  Have I believed lies that my culture has taught me? Have I believed lies I’ve learned in church? Do I believe in old wives’ tales?  Have I come to my own conclusions that aren’t even accurate?

God knew this truth then and it still applies today:

In order to walk in the truth you first have to kill the lie.

Kill the lie so the truth can live.


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