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God allows our choices, but He wins in the end

August 1, 2013

God allowed Elijah to run. Perhaps Elijah was supposed to ask God what he should do when he received the threatening message from Queen Jezebel (I Kings 19:1-2), but he didn’t.  (See my post “depression”).  Instead he fled 90 miles southwest from Jezreel to Beersheba where he dropped off his servant.  His next stop was about 20 miles further where he went into the wilderness.  It was at this point that he fell asleep under a tree.  From there he ran 160-220 miles over very rugged territory.  When he arrived at Mt. Sinai God asked him why he was there, which sounds like that wasn’t God’s choice destination for Elijah (see 1 Kings 19:8-9, 13).  Whatever God’s plan was, He allowed Elijah to run (I Kings 19:3-9).  Note that when we run in fear we’re operating against the Father’s will for us.  If we move in the right direction and keep our ear tuned to Daddy’s direction while we run, that is courage.  I doubt there has ever been a warrior that wasn’t fearful to some degree, but he did it afraid because he knew what he was supposed to do.  From what I read in all the versions of 1 Kings 19: 3 on that is not the way Elijah ran.  He fled for his life.  There is no reference that God directed him.  He just took off.  .  It’s possible to run for your life but also be able to listen to the Holy Spirit’s direction while you go.  He can direct you on a safe path.  Fear flees.  Faith follows.

When the Lord finally got Elijah’s attention and was able to give him direction (verses 9-17, also see my post “yelling”) He sent the prophet to Damascus.  If that’s where Elijah was supposed to have gone when he received Jezebel’s death threat, it would have only been about 80 miles northeast from Jezreel. We don’t know if the Spirit would have sent him elsewhere until it was safe to go to Damascus.  All we have is the information that’s in the Bible.  So just looking at what we have, what it appears be is that instead of heading 80 miles northeast he travelled approximately 270-330 miles south.  I’ve pulled an Elijah stunt before.  In fact I’ve done it more times than I want to count.  Yet when I’ve finally seen how wrong I was, I’ve asked the Father to forgive me and turned in the direction He pointed.  Eventually I arrived at God’s destination for me.  The fact that He allows us to make our choices yet forgives us when we go against Him is so incredible to me!  He’s perfect; we’re flawed all the way through.  He’s holy; we’re filthy.  He’s about faith; we operate in His enemy’s fear.  I could go on and on, but you get the point.  He wouldn’t have to be so awesome, but He can’t help it.  Love is Who He is.  Forgiveness is what He does.  God allowed Elijah to run where he had a mind to run.  The bottom line is that the supreme Ruler of the universe won in the end (see 1 Kings 19:15-21).

See my posts “depression”, “true results”, “lean listen obey”, “assessment”, and “yelling”.

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