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August 3, 2013

In 1 Kings 19: 2 Queen Jezebel sent a death threat to the prophet Elijah. He took his servant with him and ran for his life. After they had run about 90 miles he left his servant in Beersheba. Then Elijah went another 20-30 miles by himself into the wilderness. Exhausted, he dropped his weary body under the shade of a tree. He said, ” ‘It’s too much, Lord,’ he prayed. ‘Take away my life; I might as well be dead!'” * That was Elijah’s assessment, not God’s.  You see, He wasn’t done with Elijah yet.  He had more for this prophet to do.  Note also that he’s telling his Creator that his life has no more purpose instead of asking Him if it does.

I stopped and thought about what assessments I’ve made. Just because I think a certain way about a situation doesn’t make it true. There’s one thing that His light keeps shining on. Because I can’t get past that one, He is obviously showing me that this is what I’m supposed to lay before Him and allow my heart to be changed by His assessment.  How about you?


(See also my posts “depression”, “God allows our choices but He wins in the end”, “lean listen obey”, and “true results”

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