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August 14, 2013

Elijah was humbled by the wind, earthquake, fire, and then the still, small voice of God.  Next the Lord gave him instructions on what he was to do.  One of the three things on the agenda was to anoint Elisha to take his place.  When Elijah arrived and told Elisha why he was there, his future student asked if he could go tell his family goodbye.  Elijah agreed.  “So Elisha went back and took his pair of oxen and ·killed [slaughtered; sacrificed] them. He used ·their wooden yoke [the plowing gear] for a fire [C symbolizing his turning from farming to a new calling as a prophet].”  * Wow!  Elisha really got it!  He burned up his old life to start a new one.  Whether you’re new to this walk with the Father or someone who has grown up in the church as I have, we all have things that need to be burned up.  They may be habits, mindsets, or beliefs that are directly opposed to this new life.  Have we set them on fire, never to be seen in our life again?   

* 1 Kings 19:21,The Expanded Bible.  See also verses 8-20.


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