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September 2, 2013

I don’t automatically wake up super-charged each day to be on fire for my Father. It’s an act of my will. I have time set aside to be able to have my spirit washed by reading in the Bible. I share most of what God speaks to me with you in these posts. Personally I know for a fact that I need that because my flesh begins to want to take over and get what it wants. Just as physically I need to shower daily, reading God’s love letter to me, the Bible, washes the fleshly stink off me so I can have His pleasant aroma to those around me.

After my I’ve been strengthened by what He has to say to me I have some specifics to talk to Daddy about. More than anything else, I see these things as helps to get my focus on where I should be headed. They are things I learned as I did the 12 Steps of the Alcoholics Anonymous program that a dear friend walked me through a few years ago. (That journey transformed my life!)

I tell Him that I’m truly helpless on my own. He already knows it. My stinking pride needs to be reminded. It then lays back down in humble submission.

Then I say that He is my strength, joy, peace, wisdom, stability, ability to overcome, my Conqueror and Counselor. This puts me at a place where I’m looking to Him for all I’ll need that day.

Next I make myself totally available to Him as I declare that I’m willing for Him to have all of me. I tell Him I want to please Him, and want to serve Him. Again, that helps my focus be off what I would want and puts it on what He wants me to do that day. After that, I say that I choose to love. This literally kills my flesh because I have people I work with that are very unlovable. This is a great place to add that the things I’m talking to my Father about are not just good things to say, but I make sure I mean every word. If I find I’m just going through a familiar list with a “blah, blah, blah” attitude, I will make myself repeat what I’ve just talked to Him about. Only this time I say it because I am sincere about every syllable.

I ask Him to please direct my thinking, especially that I would be free from: complaining, criticism, co-dependence, a bad attitude, a sense of worthlessness, low self-esteem, depression, failure, getting offended, rebellion, addictions, hiding (from the truth or reality as opposed to facing it), procrastination, self-pity, self-seeking motives, dishonesty, anger, resentment, fear, overeating (a lifelong issue for me), laziness, proving myself to others, defending myself to others, judging other people, pride, worry, hurt, avoidance, restlessness, irritability, discontentment, heaviness, darkness, being mastered by someone else, trying to control my life or someone else’s life. I conclude that part by asking that He would please remove my defects of character that would block my usefulness for Him. He is a true Gentleman, and will not barge into our lives unless we invite Him. So this is where I give Him permission to do His spiritual surgery on me.

Last, I pray the Blood of Jesus over my family, their spouses, and my friends that are like family to me (He has put it on my heart to make a list to pray over specific names). I ask Him to use me to see people come to know Him personally so that their lives are transformed by an intimate relationship with Him. According to James 1:5 I ask that I would have wisdom for that day. Also that I would be accurate with the tasks I’ll be performing that day (I deal with money on my job), that I would have my head in the game and keep it there, (I think I’m slightly ADD), be alert and focused. I ask Him to help me listen to Him and follow His direction throughout my day (see my post “Lean Listen Obey”). I end by asking that He please give me favor with every person I have contact with, for His glory, not for my credit. (It’s in the Bible that both Joseph of the Old Testament and Jesus Himself had favor.)

I hope these help. Feel free to leave your comments. If you don’t want them posted for the public to see, I’ll make sure they stay confidential. Have an awesome day in Jesus!

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