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The Best Covering

September 16, 2013

Psalm 85:2 (NLT)
“You forgave the guilt of your people—yes, you covered all their sins.”

In my study of covering, this is the first, and by far, the best! God, the Creator, the One Who is perfect, sees every one of our sins, knows our thoughts, watches everything we do both good and bad, yet is still willing to put His covering of forgiveness over us! Wow! May I never cease to be amazed and grateful for that beautiful gift.

If you want this covering, all you have to do are two things. Admit to this perfect God that you’ve been less than perfect, that you’ve done wrong things. Then ask Him to cover you with His forgiveness.

When you do this and truly mean it, you’re in relationship with Him!  At that point you belong to Him!

Tell someone what you just did. Leave me a comment or call 1.800.NEED HIM. Find a good church that teaches the Bible. Get connected with others that are also in relationship with Him. Talk with Him. Read His love letter to you (the Bible). I would suggest you read four books inside the Bible to start with :  Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

Congratulations! You’re on the beginning of the most amazing journey ever! And welcome to the family; you’re now my Brother or Sister in Him!

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