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September 29, 2013

In my study of what “covering” means to God I came across this sobering verse. It explained so much to me, caused me to go to my Father and ask Him to remove anything like that within me, and to pray for the precious people I love that this be removed from within them if it’s there.

Isaiah 3:18-23 (VOICE)
(section title in Voice): “Under God’s judgment they will lose all the things they have that make others notice, desire, or envy them.”

18-23 “When the time comes, the Lord will simply take away the jewelry for their ankles, heads, noses, arms, ears, wrists, and fingers; these chains and gems, baubles and bangles, sashes and veils, perfume bottles and lucky charms, festive clothes and undergarments, purses and mirrors—everything that consumed their attention to get attention.”


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