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2 Chronicles 20:17

January 31, 2014

“You won’t need to fight in this battle. Just stand strong in your places, and you will see the Lord save you. Judah and Jerusalem, don’t be afraid or discouraged, because the Lord is with you. So go out against those people tomorrow.’” 2 Chronicles 20:17, NCV

When you read verses 18-30 you’ll see an incredible end to this story that confirms this word was true – God fought for them because they were obedient to what He told the people to do. They had a miraculous deliverance from their enemies.

Notice in verse 17 the beginning of sentence two: “Just stand strong in your places…” What are my places? I just finished listening to a teaching that explained this as thanksgiving, praise, and worship. It becomes a choice to recall all that God has done to be my Victorious One in the past and focusing on Him and Him alone. In other words, looking at the Solution, not the problem.

I have again taken baby steps to walk this out as I face several large armies in my life. A few have fallen by His hand alone when I have stood firmly in my places of thanksgiving and praise. I truly have not needed to fight. When He gives a promise, He means it.  It’s our choice to respect the promises(s) He has given us.

Don’t worry, I have NOT learned this but feel I am in the infant or toddler stages of this. I will let you know if I reach perfection. Just don’t look for it this side of heaven! 😉


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