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June 9, 2014

“It is not on what we spend the greatest amount of time that molds us the most, but whatever exerts the most power over us.” – Oswald Chambers

I have to ask, what exerts the most power over me?

• Worry? Because at the root of that is distrust of the One I have said is in control & knows best.
• The opinions or beliefs of someone else? Have I allowed other people or one person, to so influence how I think that I am unable to process my own thoughts?
• Food? Am I expecting what I put in my mouth to fulfill the hole in my heart?
• Reading? If this area is out of balance in my life, am I escaping reality?
• TV? Have I lost touch with how much time I spend letting others force feed my mind?
• Too much time on the computer? Do I limit my time in this sedentary activity?
• Shopping? Have I begun to use the stimulation of lights, colors, and an endless visual of “things” to anesthetize my inner pain? Does accumulating “stuff” make me feel a false sense of happiness?  Self -worth?
• Money? Is the accumulation of dollars in my bank account while living a miserly life give me a sense of power & fulfillment? Do I now feel better about myself as I look down on others that live as I used to?
• Staying busy?
o Is that because to be idle would cause me to come face to face with the truth about myself?
o Am I afraid of silence?
o Or would it be that I worry about what others will think of me & how I spend my time?
o Could it be that I want to make the most of my time that God’s given me here on earth?
• Is there something else that’s not been mentioned that exerts the most power over me that I know in my heart of hearts should not even be in my life, or if so, needs to be put in balance?


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