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January 10, 2016

Wise planning incorporates taking a look at the current situation before making a plan or buying supplies to repair what is wrong.  A contractor wouldn’t think of randomly purchasing materials for a job site he had never seen.  Anyone in the mental health field cannot map out how they will help a client until they have met with them.  Nehemiah also knew this principal.

After he had been in Jerusalem three days he took a night trip around the broken-down wall.  When he came back he revealed why he had traveled to the city.  Taken from the New Century Version is Nehemiah 2:17-18:

17 “Then I said to them, ‘You can see the trouble we have here. Jerusalem is a pile of ruins, and its gates have been burned. Come, let’s rebuild the wall of Jerusalem so we won’t be full of shame any longer.’ 18 I also told them how God had been kind to me and what the king had said to me.

Then they answered, ‘Let’s start rebuilding.’ So they began to work hard.”

Now that he had seen the damage to the wall he could bring the truth, a plan, the history, and information regarding the king’s supplies to the people.  He did not tell anyone, not even the men that had come with him all the way on this long journey, what his mission was all about.  There are some things that don’t need to be made known.  If you see that boundaries are needed in your life, you are not required to tell anyone that you’re looking into this.  No one needs to know that you’re reading on the subject.  It is only between you and the person you are seeing for help in this area (such as a counselor, pastor, mentor, or trusted friend) that you have seen holes in the walls of your boundaries. Or you could be like me and realize you never had boundaries in your relationships.  I am well aware I have a lot of work to do in this area.  This is no mistake that God has me studying Nehemiah.

Take a close look at your current condition or have someone you trust do it.  Then discuss a game plan to get started building your wall of boundaries.  It can take brutal honesty to face the truth like the direct method Nehemiah used when speaking to the people of Jerusalem.  It may not be fun to hear, but when the hard work is over, you will be a completely different person, and so very grateful that the truth was spoken to you.  To quote the citizens Nehemiah spoke to, “Let’s start rebuilding.”


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