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February 2, 2016

I see three steps that Nehemiah repeated over and over as I read chapters one through four.

  1. He worked at what God had given him to do.  That was his purpose, and he seemed to do it tirelessly.
  2. Then a problem would come up.
  3. His immediate response was to pray.  Actually it might be more accurate to say it was his reaction.  It was second nature for him to go to the God he fully trusted.  It appears his faith was solid in God’s ability to take care of any issue that came up, because as soon as he was finished talking to God, he literally turned his back on the problem and returned to his purpose.

Purpose.  Problem.  Pray.

Back to purpose.  Then comes a problemPray.  Period.  Back to purpose.

I will save myself a lot of “stressure” (stress and pressure) when I adopt this way of life.


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