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March 7, 2016

The exiles of Jerusalem had tried to rebuild the walls on their own but the bullies of the region had shut the work down.  They needed a leader to come with the blessing of the king to get the job done.  Provision had to be made for the supplies.  God did a miracle so the king would not only let his trusted wine taster go, but also agree to all that Nehemiah requested plus send military troops with him.  Incredible!

As I’m reading through Nehemiah, God is having me look at the rebuilding of the wall and equating it as healthy boundaries in our lives.  God wanted His chosen city to have healthy boundaries as a tool to keep His people safe.  There were other reasons, too, but we will stick with this thought for now.  He also wants us to have healthy boundaries in our lives.  Nehemiah didn’t build this by himself; it took a lot of people working very hard for almost two months.  If I want healthy boundaries in my life I cannot expect to do it alone.  I need to be taught how, have visual examples of what that looks like, safe people in my life to “practice” on, and more.

I can honestly say I basically didn’t have boundaries before.  So for me, it’s a building project, not rebuilding.  I’m not going to allow my past to define my future.



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