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doors and gates

August 28, 2016

“The wall had been rebuilt. I had put up the gates at the main entrances to the city. The people who guarded the gates were appointed to their positions. So were the musicians and the Levites.” (Nehemiah 7:1, New International Readers Version)

The wall had been rebuilt.  That spoke to me of something God’s been teaching me: boundaries.  Okay, so Nehemiah and his team set proper boundaries in place.  Notice it didn’t shut out everything and everybody.  That would be a cage or a jail.

The doors or gates had been hung.  They both give the ability to allow access to people we choose to let into our lives, not just who will bully their way in.  That door/ gate allows us to use that vital two-letter word I am learning to say:  no.  No, you cannot enter my life.  No, you may not re-enter my life.   No, I am doing something constructive right now; I would be able to do something later, though.  No, I am playing with my grandchildren right now; I will be able to work on that project after they are in bed.  Oh, I would absolutely love to volunteer with your organization but I am committed elsewhere right now.

Oh these are so easy to write, yet so difficult to carry out.  Lord, give me strength and courage to close the door when I need to and to walk out the gate when it’s the right time.


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