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a good leader

August 31, 2016

“I put my brother Hanani in charge of Jerusalem. Hananiah helped him. Hananiah was commander of the fort that was by the temple. Hanani was an honest man. He had more respect for God than most people do.” – Nehemiah 7:2, New International Readers Version

There’s nothing like having a God-fearing leader in charge.  They have  good boundaries up and will not allow bribes, etc.  Instead they manage their job with fairness, compassion, and wisdom.  The person who fears God and is a leader should constantly be learning about the character of God so they know better how to lead.  They should lead/ live/ operate with the same characteristics as God.  They should reflect him, just as an image in a mirror.  As He is, they should be.

Well, maybe you don’t think of yourself as a leader.  We can’t all be.  Yet each of us has influence with the employees at the grocery store, our neighbors, co-workers, or whoever we mingle with throughout the day.  I’ve seen people that say they are a Christian that are horribly mean, rude, and nasty to the people they interact with.  You know, somehow the word “good” just doesn’t fit into the previous sentence at all.  It would be worth it for all of us to put our ear in front of our own mouths and listen to not just our words, but also the tone of voice we use.

Hmmm… 1) Am I following good leaders?  2)  Am I following any bad leaders and need to turn my boat around and sail away?  3)  In what ways am I a bad leader/ person of influence?  What simple steps can I do to correct those things?  4)  In what ways do I need to give myself credit for being a good leader/ person of influence?  5)  How can I stretch myself to grow to be a better leader/ person of influence?  I’ve got some chewin’ to do on these thoughts.



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