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November 4, 2016

If you want to get the picture of what is going on in the verses I’m going to talk about, read at least Isaiah 22:15-25 if not the chapter before (21) and the following  chapter (23).  Shebna is the Prime Minister to the king.  God has a very strong message for him from the prophet Isaiah.

“Behold, the Lord will hurl you away violently, O you strong man; yes, He will take tight hold of you and He will surely cover you [with shame].” Isaiah 22:17, Amplified Bible, Classic Edition.

God also names his successor: Eliakim, and gives him the following news.

“I will dress him in your robe, gird him with your sash of office, and invest him with your authority.”  – Isaiah 22:21, Complete Jewish Bible.

Now here is the same verse from the Good News Translation.  “I will put your official robe and belt on him and give him all the authority you have had. He will be like a father to the people of Jerusalem and Judah.” – Isaiah 22:21.
The robe and sash (belt) obviously signify authority.  I think of Great Britain’s Queen Elizabeth.  No one, not even her husband or any of her children, would dare to wear her royal robe or crown in public because the robe and crown signify her authority over Great Britain.  Yet here God is forewarning Shebna that he will be stripped of his position and official garments.  Then they will be given to another who will have more favor than he has had.
What we are covered with, whether seen or not, is significant.  If we are covered in favor, blessings, title(s), they can be stripped away and given to someone else.  For me, it is a warning to watch my attitude and how I live in private, or what I have been given can be taken away by the One Who knows the condition of my heart.

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  2. Yeah! Wait til you read the one for Sunday the 13th. It’s another WOW!!!

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