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November 10, 2016

When we worry we are actually operating in pride.  In essence we’re saying that it’s up to us to come up with a plan because we either haven’t asked God to take it, or we want to have a safety net in case God doesn’t come through.  On the other hand, if we completely trust God with an issue we will be humble before Him, and operate in His peace while we wait.

(paraphrased from Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer, 1995 ed., chap. 12, p. 126, par 1)

  1. Jan Bracken permalink

    Have several friends who will be getting this today.

  2. Angel Lollar permalink

    Timely! God bless you!

  3. Thank you. That’s a good word, isn’t? I know I sure needed to read it!

  4. You’re welcome! It was a good word that I know I needed to read. I’m even sleeping better now. Praying for you…

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