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November 13, 2016

In Isaiah 30 God sent this message to the descendants of Abraham.  They had run to  Egypt to be their covering and protection.  Literally their choice was to not run to God.  They had made a treaty with Egypt because they did not trust their God.  He told them that because they made that choice it would only bring them disgrace and shame.

The Lord said,

‘How terrible it will be for these stubborn children.
They make plans, but they don’t ask me to help them.
    They make agreements with other nations, without asking my Spirit.
    They are adding more and more sins to themselves.
They go down to Egypt for help,
    but they didn’t ask me about it first.
They hope they will be saved by the king of Egypt.
    They want Egypt to protect them.
But hiding in Egypt will bring you only shame.
    Egypt’s protection will only disappoint you.
Your officers have gone to Zoan.
    Your messengers have gone to Hanes.
But they will be put to shame,
    because Egypt is useless to them.
Egypt will give no help and be of no use.
    It will cause them only shame and embarrassment.’” – Isaiah 30:1-5, International Children’s Bible

In the Jubilee Bible 2000 it uses the words “cover” and “covering”.

“…to cover themselves with a covering, and not by my spirit…” – Isaiah 30:1, Jubilee Bible 2000

These words could have been written about me.  At two key times in my life I have chosen to be under the “protective” covering of two different people instead of my God.  Because I was not depending on Him, in both instances these alliances had disastrous endings and became “…only shame and embarrassment“.  From experience I can say that it truly matters who/ what we choose to be our covering.

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